A Rathbornes Christmas

This year especially, the magic of the upcoming Christmas season carries renewed hope, lifting spirits and whispering celebration of life and loved ones.

As you return to normal – or better yet, create a new version with enhanced appreciation – the excitement builds as planning for the gifting season unfolds. Even before the traditional family festivities, this season offers more time to create memories with those you love.


Perhaps a Dublin excursion with lists in hand? (Naturally to include lunching to uphold everyone’s energy!) Options in the capital city abound to suit one’s agenda and style, from Europe’s first shopping centre/indoor market known as George’s Street Arcade to numerous local options on Henry Street to Grafton Street’s Brown Thomas Dublin flagship store with designer goods including luxury candles and other offerings from Rathbornes.


Pre- and post-shopping, the ambience created by Rathbornes Dublin Dawn and Dublin Dusk scents will offer invigorating and soothing bookends to your day and are also included in a Travel Gift Set for your, or a loved one’s longer journeys. Dublin Tea Rose is a perennial favorite, and those seeking sustainable luxe can look to the new Botanical Bee Collection – hand poured candles combining natural waxes including beeswax with 100% natural herbal and floral ingredients from which bees continue to flourish – and offering a slow, perfect, and clean burn. Candles in the Rathbornes Botanical Bee Collection feature beautiful, thoughtfully designed packaging which is also gentle on the environment.

Once your shopping location has been decided upon, it’s time for a bit of contemplation regarding that which your gift recipients crave most.

Comfort? The lover of all things cozy will appreciate the luxury of a modern woolen throw rooted in centuries of tradition. Excitement? Seekers of adventure will be carried on the breeze of natural aromas such as wild mint, Irish rock rose, and smoked oud enveloped in a hand poured beeswax blend candle. Serenity? The meditative one in your life can create a calming atmosphere in work and personal spaces via reed diffusers conveying locally, sustainably sourced Irish elements such as vetiver, birch tar, and cedar to alleviate anxiety and enhance sleep quality. And as always, the soothing caress of luxury hand and body products is universally appreciated.

Enjoy your list-making of thoughtful choices for an enchanting season of merriment and reflection and into the grace and freshness of a New Year.