The Best Scented Candles for Christmas

As the Dublin Christmas lights on Grafton Street have been switched on, it is officially time to start feeling festive!
Amplify the festive ambiance in your home with Rathbornes’ scent-sational, seasonal fragrances which encapsulate the very essence of the Christmas celebrations. Lighting these beautifully smelling candles, hand-poured using 100% sustainable wax, will transform your home into a Winter Wonderland and make for the perfect gift to leave under the tree this Christmas.
Rathbornes has boldly blended art & scent with its MASER X RATHBORNES collection which comes in both a candle and a diffuser. A daring design, encapsulated in scent.
Be enlightened this season by Al Maser’s colourful and extraordinary artwork. This exclusive collaboration with the acclaimed Irish artist uniquely combines our 534 years of candle making expertise with contemporary design. The limited-edition, hand-poured candle candidly captures the artist’s distinctive graphic style whilst its fragrance is inspired by the artist’s appreciation for the outdoors.
Longing for that warm, Winter feeling? Indulge in this magnificent melange of temptingly smoky tones. The top notes of dark plum and davana, blended with saffron on a base of smoked cedarwood, aged leather suede and amber, awaken the wonders of the wilderness, allowing you to connect with nature from the comfort of your own home whether it be to uplift or to wind down during the busy season.
Housed in a vibrant vessel, this can be used as a collectable piece, making this a stunning yet sustainable Christmas gift that will last longer even after it has been lit.
Welcoming the newest edition to the Rathbornes Christmas collection is our Dublin Christmas Candle that will whisk you away to an idyllic, Irish Christmas atmosphere.
Dublin Christmas, Eucalyptus, Mint & Pine Candle
A delectable winter’s cocktail of juicy sweet orange with hints of rich juniper berries, a splash of evergreen eucalyptus leaves and spiked with fresh pine and mint, this candle will certainly evoke memories of Christmases gone by spent snuggling around the Christmas tree. Warmed by the classic Christmas combination of cinnamon and clove, softened with sandalwood and vanilla, this is the ultimate festive aroma to create cosiness and opulence in your home this season.
Cedar, Cloves & Ambregris 3 Wick Candle
As the evenings grow darker, take refuge in this spicy yet comforting scent with notes of cinnamon, clove and cedar, wrapped with the scent of rich rosewood, a splash of orange zest and eucalyptus whilst warmed by ambergris. Embrace the Christmas celebrations with this candle that superbly captures that festive feeling. Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Candle will add an air of luxury to any home and makes for a charming Christmas gift.
Cedar, Clove & Ambergris Gift Set
Illuminate your home this Winter with our Cedar, Clove & Ambergris Gift Set. Our sophisticated set is a great gift for a loved one which contains both candle and diffuser that will certainly create the perfect Christmas ambiance. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift set under the Christmas tree?
A Christmas candle is essential to get you into the festive spirit. Gift yourself and your friends and family to these evocative and comforting scents that are perfect for holiday downtime.
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