Why Candles Make Good Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for someone can often be a daunting task. However, a luxury, scented candle is the ideal gift for any occasion, be it for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding gift, a house-warming gift and so on – and here’s why.
1. Luxury Scented Candles Are Thoughtful & Unique Gifts
A well-crafted, chic candle is always a good gift idea.
Niche brands, such as Rathbornes, allow you to gift something unique as each Rathbornes candle is lovingly hand-poured in Dublin and carefully crafted using traditional candle making techniques which have been refined over six centuries. Rathbornes uses 100% natural waxes and the highest quality ingredients to create a beautifully scented candle that will last. Therefore, our candles and reed diffusers will appear as a more thoughtful and memorable gift and will be greatly appreciated by the recipient.
2. Luxury Candles Are Long Lasting Gifts
Luxury candles use the finest of ingredients and waxes to ensure a clean, long-lasting, and even burn.
Our hip, hand-poured, 3-wick MASER X RATHBORNES candle burns for up to 80 hours and will last longer even after it has been lit. Its vibrant vessel has been designed by critically acclaimed Irish artist, Al Maser, making this a collectible piece. When the candle burns out, you can reuse this unique vessel. Tip: it’s the perfect size for potting a succulent.
3. Candles Allow You to Connect with Nature
Rathbornes’ candles make a beautiful gift as their fragrances are inspired by Ireland’s stunning scenery and nature.
Our MASER X RATHBORNES fragrance takes inspiration from Irish artist, Al Maser, and his appreciation for the outdoors.
The magnificent melange of temptingly-smoky tones transports you on an alfresco adventure. The top notes of dark plum and davana, blended with saffron on a base of smoked cedarwood, aged leather suede and amber, awaken the wonders of the wilderness, allowing you to connect with nature from the comfort of your own home.
This is the ideal candle to gift this Winter. As daylight dwindles and Winter’s dark skies drag you down, the MASER X RATHBORNES’ invigorating design and authentically strong scent of the outdoors helps you to bring the outdoors in, even in the depths of Winter. Its vessel also serves as another thoughtful nod to nature.
If the person would rather a more floral scent, our best-selling Dublin Dawn fragrance is inspired by the Irish rock rose which only blooms when the sun appears. In Irish, this is directly translated to, “grianrós”, meaning the rose of the sun.
A rare rose, only found on rocks, specifically limestone grassland. This rose, however, is abundant on Inis Mór, an island filled of natural beauty with a unique landscape, and the Burren National Park, renowned for its unusual and moon-like landscape where over 70% of Ireland’s species and flowers are found there.
That someone special will love filling their home with the symbolic and stunning fragrance of Dublin Dawn.
4. Candles Create An Ambiance
Fragrance alters your mood and the mood of a home. Having a pleasant aroma in your home creates a sophisticated and relaxing ambiance.
Be it to uplift or to wind down, Rathbornes’ candles and reed diffusers will add an air of luxury to any home.
Our Sweet Orange & Blooms candle will create a soothing atmosphere with a complementary blend of energising orange and relaxing lavender.
5. Candles Are Gifts For Men & Women
Candles aren’t only reserved for women; they make a great gift for men too. All our scents are unisex, however, the smokier, heavier and woodier scents tend to be more masculine and typically appeal more to men.
Our woody-scented Dublin Dusk candle would be the perfect fragrance to gift a man with its sophisticated smoky glass vessel and hand-poured dark black wax. This fragrance is a rich, ozonic which accords from the Irish coast with a crisp freshness of aromatic woods of smoked oud and aged cedar. Whilst the dark spicy tones of ginger, pepper and anise reveal a base of sweet notes of patchouli and soft musk.
The perfect gift is Rathbornes.