Vernal Equinox: Balancing Light with Rathbornes Candles

The Vernal Equinox is a special time when day and night align in perfect balance, heralding the onset of spring and a season of renewal. It signifies a shift from the cold of winter to the welcoming warmth of spring.

Rathbornes, the world's oldest candle company, is at the heart of this seasonal transformation, whose creations echo this time's essence. Made with the rich heritage of Ireland, these candles do more than illuminate—they symbolise the equilibrium and change brought about by Equinox.

The Symbolism of Light

Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli: This candle captures the delicate aroma of tea roses that bloom in early spring, combined with the rich, earthy tones of oud and the subtle warmth of patchouli. It evokes a serene garden at dawn, filled with the promise of new beginnings.

Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme: Inspired by the lush Irish countryside after a rain, this candle blends the crisp scent of wild mint with the peppery spice of watercress and the earthy freshness of thyme. It's like a refreshing breeze, bringing the outdoors in through an open window.


Each Rathbornes candle is a testament to the company's commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. The natural waxes, free from harmful chemicals, burn cleanly and evenly, so the air in your home is as fresh as the scents. These candles illuminate your space and enhance the sensory experience of spring, inviting the rejuvenating spirit of the season into every corner of your home.

Here are ideas to integrate these candles into your home, enhancing your surroundings with their unique scents and the tranquil ambiance they provide.

Strategic Placement for Mood Enhancement

Entranceway: Welcome yourself and guests with the uplifting scent of Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme in your entranceway. It sets a refreshing tone, inviting the crispness of spring indoors.

Living Room: Place a Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli candle in the living area. Its serene floral notes make it perfect for gatherings or peaceful evenings, enveloping the room with the promise of new beginnings.

Bedroom: For a tranquil retreat, Bog Myrtle and Fresh Basil can create a calming sanctuary in your bedroom. Its grounding fragrance encourages relaxation and restful sleep, preparing you for the longer, brighter days ahead.

Combinations for a Layered Scent Experience

Mixing scents can mirror the diverse aromas of spring. Pair lighter, herbal scents with more profound, earthy tones to mimic the natural progression from early to late spring. For example, the freshness of Wild Mint, Watercress, & Thyme with the depth of Dublin Tea Rose, Oud, & Patchouli can capture the essence of a spring garden in bloom.

Rituals to Welcome Spring's Energy

Morning Ritual: Begin your day by lighting a Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme candle during breakfast. Its energising scent can help set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Evening Ritual: As dusk falls, light a Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli candle to reflect on the day's achievements and the growth that each new day brings. Its warm, comforting aroma is perfect for evening contemplation and gratitude practices.

Weekly Refresh: Once a week, open your windows to let in fresh air, then light a Bog Myrtle and Fresh Basil candle. This ritual can help renew your home's energy, clearing out the old and welcoming new possibilities.

Light Up Your Seasons with Rathbornes

We invite you to explore our diverse collection and find the perfect complement to your seasonal celebrations. Discover the unique value and experience that Rathbornes scented candles offer. Let them illuminate your moments of balance, renewal, and joy.