The Cedar, Cloves and Ambergris scent from our Beyond the Pale collection is one of the most unique smells. It is an ideal scent to have around the house in autumn and is perfect to keep for the follow through to Christmas. Autumn is all about the changing of the green leaves to colours of browns oranges and reds, which all evoke a warm feeling. It is the time for comfort of the home, food and scents, which this fragrance embodies. The combination of cinnamon, cloves and orange, are traditional flavours used at Christmas and it is the perfect scent to set a christmas feel. It not only evokes images of autumn and Christmas but also of the traditional smells of Ireland, as spices used to be seen as precious and luxurious and were only used in the wealthiest kitchens. Cloves are now still associated with Irish scents as they are still added to whiskey.



There is a combination of warm, woody, spicy and sweet scents that create this individual fragrance. The top note of warm aromatic cloves works with the rich base notes of spicy cinnamon and a hint of tangy orange all, flavours that harmonise with each other and are commonly used in cooking when creating christmas comfort food. In harmony with those flavours, scents of Black Amber, Cedar and Rosewood help give off a woody and smoky smell, reminding you of winter walks in the woods and sitting by a fire.



This is a scent that transorts you, as it evokes images of cold nights, sitting in a cosy room on a large leather chair, watching a wood fire burn. In any space that you introduce the scent into, it will embody luxury and comfort to any room, making it an enjoyable and relaxing space. It is an interesting scent that allows you to take refuge in the festive smells of Cedar, Cloves and Cinnamon.