Beyond The Pale Collection

100% Natural Wax Candles, Beyond The Pale, from the old phrase meaning beyond the Dublin city walls, consists of 8 unique scents inspired by the wild countryside, encapsulating the romance of the Irish landscape with a contemporary edge.

Our luxuriously scented candles

We combine BEESWAX, RAPESEED AND COCONUT to produce a truly sustainable 100% natural wax while ensuring a clean, slow, perfect burn. Each of our waxes are eco-friendly and sourced from entirely natural processes with no issues with intensive farming or GMO’s. Rapeseed is grown throughout the UK and Ireland therefore reducing the carbon footprint.

Available in 3 sizes

Travel 1-wick €30

Classic 2-wick €50

Luxury 4-wick €75

Double poured by hand in our Dublin factory

Our wonderfully scented

Reed Diffusers

Our 200ml reed diffusers are carefully hand crafted to distribute the fragrances in a continual diffusion of scent, these beautifully designed diffusers will work their understated charm and establish a wonderfully all-encompassing ambiance of Irish inspired fragrance in your home.​

Refills available also

Fine fragrance that lasts for up to 16 weeks

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