"What's the perfect fragrance to burn when entertaining? I tend to have large social gathering and want to create an atmosphere without overpowering my guests."

Jennifer, London - This is an excellent question, I've been to too many dinner parties where an overpowering candle has spoilt an otherwise delicious meal. Stick to a warm and welcoming scent like Citrus and Black Amber, as the citrus notes should complement your menu. I would suggest letting a candle burn for 1-2 hours before your guests arrive, or placing a reed diffuser in the hallway so your guests are greeted with a beautiful scent.


"I want to get a beautiful smelling candle for my wife. What would be a sure fire hit?"

Vinny, Dublin - What a lucky lady. Here I would stick to the old adage, 'say it with flowers'. Irish Rose, Moss & Oud is a deep, passionate scent with rich, woody base notes and should bring a luxurious, romantic atmosphere to your home which she will love.


"I live a very hectic London life and need a real relaxing scent when I arrive home. Any suggestions?"

Lorraine, London - You can't go wrong with the warm, earthy fragrance of cloves, so try our Cedar, Cloves & Amber candle. The first smell of its perfume makes me feel like I'm sinking into a warm bath – which is an excellent place to enjoy it. If a hectic work life is taking its toll, I would also suggest keeping a travel candle on your desk, a little boost of your favourite scent can make all the difference.


"Where do you get the inspiration for your different scents?"

Joanna, Oxford - Collecting scents for the Pioneer collection has been a year-long journey, travelling Ireland and reflecting on what's special to us about the country and its fragrances. Sometimes inspiration strikes at a specific place and time, other times we've been led by an idea like romance or hospitality, and scents have fallen into place like pieces of a puzzle.