Despite what the weather might imply, the summer months are indeed on their way!
Although our range of luxury scented candles are appropriate for a number of different seasons, summer is certainly our favourite - least of all because it gives us the excuse to burn our newest fragrance, Cassis Leaves and Jasmine! This is the sort of scent that just makes you feel happy and good, and it’s finally the perfect time to use it! It’s a fruity, bubbly sort of scent, and more than strong enough to fill your entire home with the sweet aroma of fresh fruit and white flowers.
In the fragrance world, florals and fruity fragrances are king, and Cassis Leaves excels in both. The bright and sunny afternoons of summer is when sweet and bubbly scents really do come into their own, giving you a pleasant boost to get through the day.
If you haven't have the opportunity yet to try Cassis Leaves, you certainly won't regret it now. It's a departure from the rest of our range, distinguishing itself as completely unique amongst our fragrances. Yet, it still remains true to the Rathbornes line. 
Give Cassis Leaves a try, and bring a little summer into your home early this year.