Cassis Leaves & Jasmine

Cassis Leaves and Jasmine is a fragrance that will evoke a cool, crisp morning breeze upon the countryside, a fragrance that smells of morning dew and herbs. You’ll feel as though you’re walking through the Irish countryside, the air laden with ripening fruit and fragrant herbs, still damp with morning dew.

Cassis leaves, which grow on lush blackcurrant shrubs, have a musky, herbal aroma. The fragrance and flavour of the berries themselves are present in all facets of the plant, leaving a faintly tart undertone to the lush, herbal green.

Blackcurrant is a special plant in Europe. The fruit is commonly used for juice or jam, and the leaves are particularly delicious in tea! Blackcurrant shrubs were banned in America for infecting white pines with blister rust, and it soon faded from collective memory there. Europe, on the other hand, opted to sacrifice the white pines rather than the blackcurrants. They’re grown all throughout the United Kingdom, both commercially and privately, and is often a staple for seasonal desserts.

Another ingredient of note, and perhaps the most iconically Irish, is heather. This is a gorgeous flower that grows across the splendid Irish countryside. While heather is far more subtle a scent than either jasmine or cassis, it does add a pleasantly mossy note to the mix.

Cassis Leaves and Jasmine is a wonderful scent for any time of year. The floral tones do well in the sunnier months, but the herbal tones make it just a little bit darker, a little bit more amenable to a chillier, wetter climate.