Creating a Personal Sanctuary for a Beautiful Christmas Season

It has begun! Christmas time includes ever more “busyness” in the form of decorating, gift listing and purchasing, and frequent reflection on the season’s meaning and memories. Generally wonderful things, yet even the most organized person can feel a bit . . . overwhelmed.

That said, what if the season can offer greater haven as well?

The late Irish poet and philosopher, John O’Donohue had much to say on the necessity of beauty and how it can bring us to the greatest state of relaxation. Indeed, in the presence of beauty we can be sustained and even returned to our highest selves.

Simplicity and your daily sanctuary

In this slightly more complex time of the year, creating such a sanctuary can actually be quite easy and includes key elements such as gentle music – whatever soothes your soul; warmth, by way of a comfortable and illuminated location in your home; and atmosphere, via beloved scent memories.

Retreating twice daily is ideal, both in the morning as preparation for a full day ahead and in the evening as a precursor to a night of restorative sleep.

For a gentle long lasting glow, Rathbornes collections of premium scented natural wax candles offer perfect size options. Small or medium space? A two wick Beyond the Pale Classic Candle will easily carry you through the season. For a larger area or your hallway the Luxury Candle will scent your entire home and give that beautiful welcome when you open your front door. Traveling? The single-wick Travel Candle has you covered for 20 hours away from home. And the new Botanical Bee Collection offers excellent scent range for small to medium spaces as well as true sustainability with a blend of natural beeswax, coconut and rapeseed waxes, 100% natural essential oils in four bee friendly blends which enhance sleep and wellbeing, and beautiful, environmentally mindful packaging.

Regarding fragrances for your personal retreat, one could choose an energizing “morning” candle blend such as Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme or Dublin Dawn with its notes of Irish rock rose, davana and fresh raspberries. For winding down in the evening, options include classically floral Dublin Tea Rose as well as the more woodsy/seasonal blends of Bitter Orange, Birch Tar & Balsam, Dublin Dusk offering Smoked Oud & Ozonic Accords, and Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris. These options and more are available across the Travel, Classic, and Luxury collections.

Now that your space is scented, aglow and elevated with relaxing music, it’s time to get cozy. A treasured blanket can provide a warm hug of memory and comfort. And if it’s a new heirloom you’re seeking consider Rathbornes luxury cashmere and merino throw, woven by modern Irish craftspeople using traditional methods, as a timeless gift to yourself.

Scent. Music. Illumination. Comfort. All elements are in place for a beautiful beginning and ending to each of your days this Christmas season.

Borrowing a few more of Mr. O’Donohue’s words, we wish you a joyous season that is both an exciting adventure . . . and a homecoming.