Creating a scent heaven in your home/work space

Just like the team here at Rathbornes, it’s likely you’re working from home this springtime. If there’s one thing that we’ve all found difficult, it’s seeing the inviting glow of the sun through the open window while we’re stuck inside. As the weather blooms into a bright and beautiful spring, the reality of isolation is certainly proving to be a challenge!  

Yet, it can be an opportunity to create the perfect scent heaven in your home workspace. A little bit of spring cleaning and a little rearranging can go a long way to bringing a little sunshine into your home, and a fresh candle is the perfect finishing touch.

So here are three of our best tips to creating the perfect scent heaven in your home!

1. A candle doesn’t necessarily need to be lit to fill your home with scent! The best thing you can do is leave your candle burning just long enough for the surface to completely melt, and then leave the unlit candle on your desk beside you. The scent from the warmed wax will be more than enough to fill your room.

2. It may sound counterintuitive, but keeping a window open while burning a candle will improve the scent’s throw. Simply, the breeze from outside will do wonders in spreading the fragrance - and the fresh air will also do you good as well! The natural scents from outside can also be a wonderful complement to the scent of your candle.
3. Choose a dynamic springtime scent to keep you feeling awake and energetic. Our newest fragrance, Dublin Dawn, is the perfect fragrance for this emerging sunny weather. Light this candle just as you’re beginning your workday to help brighten your mood and encourage productivity. Any fragrance that captures the scent of fresh flowers or ripe fruits will do, though - just be careful not to pick something more suited for the evening, or you might feel fatigued. Scent can have an enormous impact on productivity and mood, so choose wisely!

While it might be some time before we can go out and experience the lovely springtime weather, we can hopefully capture the essence of the season in our homes and workspaces.