Dublin Dusk

It’s clear from the outset that Dublin Dusk is different. The sophisticated smoky glass and the black wax may look stark, but they perfectly exemplify what this scent is: Dark. This is a scent for the night, the essence of the tumultuous rivers and rain. 

There are many fragrances that try to capture the spirit of water. Most others may remind you of a relaxing seaside holiday, or perhaps a peaceful, blooming stream. Dublin Dusk is different. It distinguishes itself by capturing the power of falls and currents, the scent of tempestuous waters crashing against rocky banks. It will remind you of the refreshing spray of mist, and the earthy aroma of a riverbank after a storm.

The scent of ozonic accords pair perfectly with the smokiness of oud and the sweet, herbal aroma of patchouli. This is a refreshing and invigorating scent, a fragrance that will make you breathe deep. Its natural energy will help you combat the fatigue that the early autumn nights bring.

Dublin Dusk is a departure from what we’ve created before. In many ways, it is the antithesis of the rest of the Rathbornes range. It would have been impossible to capture the wildness of the Irish waters otherwise. Although it is a bold inclusion, Dublin Dusk truly could not have been any different.