Dublin Musts This Christmas

With Christmas only a month away, it’s time to start making some festive plans. It’s best to start thinking about this as early as you can; Christmas will come sooner than you think! Here are five ideas that we had for your Christmas in Dublin this holiday season.
#1 - Ice Skating
There is nothing more traditionally festive than going ice skating in December. There are actually a few options at hand for this one, depending on where you happen to be! One is at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, west of the city center (a good opportunity to fit in some Christmas shopping as well)! If you happen to be more central, you could also pay a visit to Dundrum on Ice!
#2 - Winter Funderland
Winter Funderland has been a staple of Dublin’s festive season for decades now. If you’re looking for a good place to enjoy carnival attractions, look no further - Winter Funderland is absolutely the place to be! No doubt the thrill rides will keep you warm and awake on those chilly winter evenings!
#3 - Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo
If you’re looking for a good place to enjoy some light displays, Dublin Zoo has a gorgeous exhibit this year. The theme is going to be aquatic animals, featuring silk lanterns of whales, seahorses, and octopuses. If you arrive before sunset, you would even have a few hours to enjoy the magnificent array of wildlife at the Dublin Zoo first.
#4 - Carols By Candlelight
Caroling is a quintessential part of the Christmas holiday. If you’re reading this blog, and already a fan of candles, then this is the perfect outing! Taking place right before Christmas on December 19th, the National Concert Hall will be hosting carollers dressed in 18th century costume. Act fast, though, as the tickets for this event won’t last for much longer!
#5 - Vocal Point Christmas Jazz
If you’re looking for some good music, but already wearying of the Christmas classics, then perhaps jazz would be a great alternative! You’ll be given mulled wine and mince pies while listening to fabulous Christmas acapella by Vocal Point! These tickets will only be available for December 8th and 9th, so be sure to book it soon!