Gifting for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to start thinking of springtime fragrances.


Even though the weather is still quite chilly, the days are already lengthening and the more impatient flowers are already beginning to bloom. A luxury scented candle is the perfect gift for the romantic holiday, and a chance to introduce a little bit of springtime into your home.


If you’re still torn as to which fragrance you may wish to gift to your partner, we certainly have a number of safe suggestions. Dublin Tea Rose, one of our perennial favourites, is a combination of roses and oud - perhaps some of the most romantic fragrances you can possibly blend. This fragrance distinguishes itself by being one of the strongest; a scent that will utterly fill your home. It's difficult to go wrong with this one! 


On the other hand, you may want something a little more sensual. Dublin Dusk, one of our newest fragrances, will leave quite an impression. It’s a tumultuous, oceanic fragrance. It will remind you far more of a humid summer storm than a delicate spring morning. It also comes in an exclusive black container, perfect for your Valentine’s evening. It’s a little less traditional and a little more adventurous, which may very well be a perfect choice!


With only a few days left until Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to select the perfect gift.


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