How To Create A Self-Care Sanctuary

February is an ideal time to relax, recharge and refresh. There is nothing quite like a relaxing evening in the bath with some beautifully scented candles to help you unwind.
Here are three easy steps to transform your bathroom into a self-care sanctuary:
1. Look for bath and body products that contain natural ingredients and have a calming scent.
Using beautifully scented bubble bath and applying body lotion afterwards can be a luxurious and calming way to pamper yourself and take care of your skin.
Discover Rathbornes’ Irish-inspired luxury wash and lotions. Packed with nourishing local ingredients, they are perfect for cleansing and nourishing your skin. What’s more, they are free from SLS and Parabens.
Top notes of citrus and raspberry evoke the warmth of sunshine, blended with middle notes of creamy rosebuds, vanilla and a base of oud, patchouli and amber resin. For skin that is left feeling beautifully clean, soft and moisturized.
Sharp and sweet top notes of mint, lemon and eucalyptus mingle with fragrant camphor and rosemary. The herbal blend is warmed by base notes of thyme and ginger. For skin that is left feeling beautifully clean, soft and moisturised.
2. Light a candle to help you to destress.
Lighting a beautifully scented candle instantly transforms your space into a spa within seconds. The warm glow and the fragrance of the candle can help to create tranquillity for your pampering eve in the bath tub.
Rathbornes’ latest launch, Dublin Retreat, is a woody fragrance inspired by Dublin’s Phoenix Park containing musk at the core complemented by fresh violet leaves and spicy top notes of nutmeg and cardamon on a base of cedar wood, black ebony and amber. This fragrance will instantly create a calming atmosphere.
If you prefer a classic, relaxing scent such as chamomile, try our Camomile & Mimosa Luxury Scented Candle which is crafted using 100% natural beeswax, rapeseed and coconut waxes that are carefully combined with natural fragrance oils to produce a sustainable candle that not only smells amazing but makes you feel better too. All whilst taking care of the environment. Each candle is wrapped in the barest of 100% recyclable packaging while still having that luxury feel and design.
If you rather a more invigorating scent, try our Wild Mint, Watercress & Thyme Scented Luxury Candle with the matching bath & body set for the perfect self-care evening.
3. Set the mood.
Dim the lights and turn off any screens. Read a good book or play some soothing music. Classical or ambient music can help to set the mood and add to the overall sense of relaxation.
By taking the time to create a relaxing atmosphere using Rathbornes’ bath and body products and luxuriously scented candles, you can enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating pampering evening in the bath, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated with 3 simple steps.