How To Use Your Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers have become popular these past few years as a great alternative to burning scented candles.

While scented candles are certain lovely, there are many places where it just isn’t plausible to burn them. Fire codes may make it impossible to have them in offices or some flats. You might also worry about falling asleep and forgetting a burning candle entirely, which is not only dangerous, but a terrible waste of wax!

If any of these situations apply to you, a reed diffuser may very well be perfect for you.

So what is the proper way to use a reed diffuser? It isn’t as simple as just setting it out and leaving it entirely alone. It’s important to think about where you might want to put it. A corridor or near flowing air will naturally spread the fragrance better than just leaving it in a corner.

If the reed diffuser is too strong or too weak, you can remove or add reeds at your discretion. For a smaller space, such as a bathroom, it’s best to start with just two or three reeds. The added benefit to this approach is that your reed diffuser will last far longer with less reeds, and the fragrance will be far more potent in a smaller space.

Your nose will naturally adjust to any scent it’s around for an extended period of time, which can be maddening when you simply wish to enjoy your reed diffuser. It’s the brain’s way to prevent it from becoming overstimulated with different smells. If you do notice the scent of your diffuser has disappeared, it might be because your brain has started filtering it out.

But do not despair! There are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem. The first is turn the sticks. This should be done every week or so in order to get the strongest possible scent from your diffuser. The strong burst of fragrance should wake your nose up again.

Just moving the diffuser to a different room will sometimes trick your brain into smelling it again. It’s especially helpful if you put it in a room that you aren’t in all of the time. Every time you walk in the room, the first thing you’ll notice is a lovely, strong smell.

Once you do find a fragrance you love and a good place to put it, it’s easy enough to now buy refills for your reed diffuser, rather than having to purchase the whole set again. It’s an enormous savings for you, as each refill bottle we offer will top up your diffuser two times. That’s a minimum of four extra months of fragrance!

So, if you are looking for something that’s less maintenance - and longer lasting - than a luxury scented candle, we hope you’ll find a fragrance you love in the Rathbornes range.