Our Best Candle Scents for October

As the calendar pages turn and we bid farewell to the warmth of summer, October ushers in a season of transformation. The air becomes crisper, the days grow shorter, and the landscapes are painted in the rich, earthy hues of Autumn. In Ireland, this transition is a time of captivating beauty, as the countryside is cloaked in shades of amber and russet. It's a time for warm scarves, hot drinks, and the cosy embrace of candlelight.

At Rathbornes, we believe that every month deserves its own unique scentscape, and October is no exception. We've curated a selection of our best candle scents that not only capture the essence of this enchanting month but also evoke the spirit of these colder days and darker nights in Ireland.

From spicy fragrances that tingle the senses to woody notes that transport you to deep woodlands, our candles are designed to enhance the ambiance of your October evenings.

Spicy Scents:

Dublin Dusk (Smoked Oud & Ozonic Accords)

As the evenings of October sweep through Ireland, Rathbornes invites you to burn autumn with the Dublin Dusk candle. This captivating fragrance combines the rich warmth of Smoked Oud with the crisp freshness of Ozonic Accords, a scent that mirrors the transition from the sunny days to darker, cooler nights.

Imagine cosying up indoors as the daylight wanes, surrounded by the comforting embrace of Dublin Dusk. Nestle into your own Ireland's autumn evenings.

Cedar, Cloves, & Ambergris

When the leaves begin to turn and the nights grow longer, there's nothing quite like the inviting scent of Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris to set the mood.

The woody notes of cedar evoke the sturdy trees of the Irish countryside, while the comforting spice of cloves and the deep, mysterious scent of ambergris create an ambiance perfect for those chilly October evenings. As you light this candle and bask in its warm glow, you'll find yourself transported to the heart of Ireland's autumn landscape.

Woody Scents:

Dublin Retreat (Musk, Black Ebony, Amber)

For those looking to escape the chill of October and find solace indoors, the Dublin Retreat candle is the perfect choice. Its blend of Musk, Black Ebony, and Amber embodies the cosy retreats that characterise autumn in Ireland. Picture yourself by a crackling fire as you're enveloped by this warm, woody embrace.

Savour the moments of October

Whether it's Dublin Dusk's spicy allure or Dublin Retreat's serene embrace, our candles elevate your October experiences. Light a Rathbornes candle, savour the moments of October's quiet splendour, and create lasting memories. Shop the range now.