The Appeal of Reed Diffusers

It’s impossible to deny that candles are at the forefront of our business. Rathbornes started in 1488 by making candles to light Irish homes and streets. As electric light became the norm, Rathbornes still found its place in the home, thanks to many candlelit traditions. It’s these very same traditions that will always make candles a desirable decoration for your home.
Of course, the growing popularity of aromatherapy often guides our hand now. Now, decorating with fragrance is a vital finishing touch to most homes. As such, it was a natural evolution for Rathbornes to delve into the world of home fragrance.
Reed diffusers - a comparatively recent invention - should not be underestimated. In the past decade, reed diffusers have become popular as a safe way to fill your home with an inviting aroma. Although it’s doubtful that diffusers will ever completely take the place of scented candles, it’s easy to see the appeal - and it’s not just because they’re low maintenance!
Reed diffusers are elegant to look at. In fact, one might choose to buy a reed diffuser for its looks as much as for its fragrance. While designing our own reed diffusers, it was important to us to create a look that was both minimalist and elegant. We wanted to create a decoration that would look appropriate in a bathroom, on a mantlepiece, or even in your workspace.
Reed diffusers can also be a safer alternative than a candle, especially if you have rambunctious pets or children. With reed diffusers, the only thing you need to remember to do is turn the sticks every once in a while, and top it up once every few months - that’s it!
We take as much care in the creation of our reed diffusers as we do in pouring our candles. At Rathbornes, our meticulousness is what set us apart. Now, in the world of fragrance, it’s that same attention to detail that helps us find the perfect scents to scent your homes.