What Do Candles Symbolise at Christmas?

Nothing says “Christmas” like a beautifully, burning candle. Candles symbolise love, relaxation, optimism, and spirituality at Christmas. The holidays are a time filled with festive cheer, get-togethers with loved ones, hope for the New Year and a time of reflection and remembrance, all of which are captured by the burning of a candle.
Candles Evoke Feelings of Festive Cheer
75% of all emotions are evoked through our sense of smell. It is no wonder that certain scents bring upon feelings of festive joy, reminding us of merry memories.
Lighting our Dublin Christmas Candle will fill your home with the soothing, traditional scent of Christmas. The fresh Christmas tree notes of pine and mint, mingled with those familiar festive spices of cinnamon, juniper berries and juicy sweet orange, will create a fun and festive atmosphere in your home this season.
Dublin Christmas, Eucalyptus, Mint & Pine Candle
Candles Spark Feelings of Love
As Hugh Grant put it in the iconic, Christmas, romcom, “Love Actually is All Around Us”!
Indeed, Christmas is a time of love. The soft flickering of a candle flame and its warm, orange glow create an undeniably romantic atmosphere. Evocatively scented candles such as our romantic, floral fragrance, Dublin Tea Rose, will enhance the amorous atmosphere even more. Relax with your beau after the busy year with this sensuous fragrance blended with rose, oud, patchouli, and vanilla that will evoke feelings of love and passion this season.
Cosmopolitan named our Dublin Tea Rose fragrance as one of the top luxury candles scents of 2022.
Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli Candle
Candles Represent Hope
The bright flame of a candle represents how there is always light in darkness. The warmth of the flame symbolises support and guidance. Indeed, the holidays are a time of joy, however, for those who have lost loved ones, it is also a time of reflection and remembrance. Candles are lit to lovingly remember those who have passed.
Our unscented, slow-burning, beeswax, pillar candle is designed in an elegant and simplistic way, without any religious symbols, making this a good choice for someone who is suffering a loss this Christmas.
9” x 3” Unscented Pillar Beeswax Candle
Candles Represent Hospitality in Irish Christmas Tradition
Placing a lighting candle in the window has long been a common Christmas tradition in Ireland. This tradition symbolises hospitality, a trait which the Irish are renowned for all over the globe.
Many Irish emigrate and live abroad but return home to Ireland to celebrate Christmas with their families. The candle lighting in the window is a sign of welcome, a “céad mile fáilte”, to family members returning.
The Irish president’s residence, “Áras an Úachtaráin”, also places a candle in the window to express his welcome to Irish returning home for the festivities!
Embrace Irish Christmas customs with our luxury candles that are all hand-poured in the heart of Dublin City. Why not light one of our best-selling fragrances, Dublin Dusk, in your windowsill this Christmas?
Dublin Dusk Luxury Candle
Christmas is a time of joy, rejuvenation, love, hope and remembrance. All of these feelings are symbolised in the lighting of a candle. Indulge in our luxury, 100% natural wax candles To embrace the multiple meanings of candles at Christmas.