Wind Down with Dublin Dusk

With the winter chill still stubbornly clinging to the sunny days, nothing sounds more relaxing than a hot bath, a good book, and a luxury scented candle. With the chill likely to linger well into springtime, it’s wonderful to settle in for a warm night beside the comforting glow of a Rathbornes candle.
There are few things that impact your sense of peace and wellbeing more than fragrance. From chamomile tea to lavender essential oil to incense, scent is usually the first solution for insomnia, tension, and stress. Rathbornes provides a number of rich, relaxing scents to help you wind down and find peace after a long day of work.
Here at Rathbornes, our personal favourite evening candle is one of our newest scents: Dublin Dusk. Dublin Dusk is just perfect for a quiet evening, and was designed specifically for the latter hours of the day. This powerful fragrance will both relax and revitalise you. This is a scent that perfectly captures the nature of water; both serene and immensely powerful. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Dublin Dusk yet, the stormy transition between the seasons is the perfect time to give it a try.
Dublin Dusk comes packaged in gorgeous black glass, setting itself apart aesthetically from the other candles in our collection. This candle was designed for your quiet evening at home, and the smoky glass glowing with golden light looks particularly striking in the dark.
Draw yourself a warm bath, and enjoy the beautiful scent of a Rathbornes candle while waiting for the chilly weather to pass.