UP TO 50 Hour burn time
Jasmine & Petitgrain Scented Candle

Jasmine & Petitgrain Scented Candle

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100% natural beeswax, rapeseed and coconut waxes are carefully combined with natural fragrance oils to produce a sustainable scented candle that not only smells amazing but makes you feel better too, and all while taking care of the environment. Each candle is wrapped in the barest of 100% recyclable packaging while still having that luxury feel and design. 

210g; Up to 50 hours burn time
The Scent:

The Scent:

An abundance of floral fragrances. Green top notes of galbanum are sweetened with zesty lemon, a bouquet of mimosa, ylang, orange blossom, petitgrain and jasmine, all balanced by basenotes of cedarwood.


The scent of jasmine unfolds with a sweet, floral richness and an exquisite, heady aroma. Here, Jasmine vines bloom with abandon, and the air is filled with their alluring scent. These are whispered confessions, the soft rustle of petals, and the seductive charm of nature's romance.


Embrace the refreshing allure of Petitgrain, a scent reminiscent of sun-dappled citrus groves and newly blossomed leaves. Its crisp, tangy zest invites you to wander through tranquil orchards under the warmth of the sun.


Cedarwood, a scent where rich, woody notes mingle with hints of earthy sweetness. Allow it to wrap you in a cozy embrace, evoking memories of crackling campfires and starlit nights beneath a canopy of stars.

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Our reviews:


Great quality candles and exceptional support

Los Angeles, CA

Delighted I gave these a go. Website so easy to use and the candles are the best, far better than Jo Malone candles I was using. Top class service

Los Angeles, CA

I bought one, white pepper, honeysuckle and vertivert and it smells incredible! Not only that but the smell doesn't fade at all!

Los Angeles, CA

The online ordering is so easy to use. They have regular special offers. The scents are more distinct than other candles and not over powering.


Great website for purchasing online. Unique scents that aren't overwhelming


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We combine BEESWAX, RAPESEED AND COCONUT to produce a truly sustainable 100% natural wax.